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 Stat rule V1

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PostSubject: Stat rule V1   Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:56 am

Stat system for new players goes as followed.The player(That's you) has the ability on their first account to start as a Genin, however if you wish you may start as a academy student with a 250 word roleplay sample for Academy student, however with each rank the user get a set number of stat points.

The max stats one may gain is 350 | the most in one section of a stat without boosts is 100 | If you do boost a stat it may only go up to 300 no higher.

Academy students/E Rank Missing Ninja - start with a base stat pool of 40

Genin/D Rank Missing Ninja start with a base stat pool of 60

(See Alt rules for higher)

Chuunin/C rank Missing ninja start with a base stat pool of 80

Special Jounin/B Rank Missing Ninja start with a base stat pool of 100

Jounin/A Rank Missing Ninja start with a base stat pool of 120

Anbu/S Rank Missing Ninja start with a base stat pool of 140

Kage/SS RAnk Missing Ninja start with a base stat pool of 160

All these stats may go into the stat pools of

Health - How many hits you take, or jutsus can hit you without you caring.Or the only thing keeping you from being impaled by a spear.
Examples of health:

Strength - Obviously how hard you hit and how much damage you do, I.E if you break a rib-cage with a flick or just bruise you opponent with a all out punch.
Strength Examples:
Speed - How fast you run and how quickly you travel, and you overall ability to dodge a oncoming attack from the enemy.
Example for Speed:

Chakra Points(CP) - Your overall chakra pool (Chakra potency doesn't affect this) if depleted to 0 you pass out for the remainder of the thread due to exhaustion.
Example for Chakra Points:

Chakra Potency - Your overall Jutsu power I.E How fast your puppets move, How powerful your jutsus are, how much jutsu resolve you have.
Chakra Potency Example:

More Info

One can up any of these stats by training I.E running, using jutsus or moving chakra around your body for chakra control, or just lifting weights of course it's up to you, but per 100 words you can gain 1 stat, which would be moved once you exit to topic to your characters stats

(For strength vs Health I.E Punches
IF health is 20 Lowers than someones strength then the person being hit takes medium damage, However if the targets health is lower that 40 bellow ones strength stat the one with the health stat would sustain major injuries such as broken ribs or brain damage

IF ones health stat is 20 above another strength stat the the use feels a minor bruise, However if the health stat is above 40 over the strength stat the health stat takes no damage.)

Throwing speed is you strength stat + 1/2 of your speed stat.
Bone strength is your health stat + 1/2 of your strength stat.

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Stat rule V1
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