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 Bijuu Rules

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PostSubject: Bijuu Rules   Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:58 am

Story for the Bijuus Appearance change

After the destruction of all five great nations the tailed beasts were eradicated their whole forms.After the destruction was all over the bijuus chakra only remained floating for decades and decades unable to find physical forms they were in transparent chakra clouds that had no place to go in the world, however after 1999 years they managed to find physical forms in tales of myths like dragons, and ancient long forgotten scribes left and forgotten near the center of the earth the Bijuu formed into these great big monster and were sealed into various people so the bijuu wouldn't destroy the world in a rampage.The bijuu however have forgotten everything from 2000 years ago they only know this form and nothing else.

Bijuu Rules

The rules for a Bijuu or Jin are easy to follow, once you have mastered the first cloak of the beast you will have access to that bijuus' power however it isn't all your until you claim master of it which all have its own mastery word count. Here is the current "Requirements" for the Bijuu.

To claim a bijuu you must claim it in the limited section of the forum.

To get the first chakra cloak you need a word count of 1500 words.
Second cloak costs 2000 words.
and Bijuu Mastery costs 3500 words.

Nobody may horde bijuu as suck you may only ever have 1 bijuu per person, if one of you characters have a bijuu the other may not, Bijuus may be used in battle after mastery is met, you must make a custom stat sheet for said bijuu after you've mastered the bijuu you may allocate 450 stats to the bijuu in to their 5 respected pools(Use a character stat sheet to store info) and then you must be in mastery mode for the Bijuu to fight with you.



Element: Sand
Personality: Xuratha is pretty dominant to his master wanting to take control of him and make him aggressive and destroy everything never wanting his host happy he forces his host to stay up endlessly and constantly will attempt to take over the body.He has a hard shell but if you manage to reason with him Xuratha is a generally nice Bijuu however he may be loyal but he will still pick on his host with no intention of paying for it.
Host: None
Bijuu powers:


Element: Ash Release
Personality: Ygrath is a very delicate Bijuu not like most other he is calm and simply wants peace however will murder anything that is in it's way when it is trying to accomplish stuff, however Ygrath when inside of your body does seem to hel out you body a bit he has a cocky attitude and a very angry tone however he is almost never angry, he heals the body of his bijuu(Skill will be added later0 almost instantly normally with another cocky tone.He is however very loyal.
Host: None

Bijuu powers:


Elements: Hellfire Release
Personality: Fernius is a very dark Bijuu only meant for destruction and murder as well as protection he got his body from a old legend and has since claimed to be a god among the Bijuu, While inside his host the host will feel major tugging like ripping at your insides due to the three tails continuous attempts to free himself which fail however he is still rambunctious and wild hence forth even when mastered he will still be pissy at you even if he deems you a friend.
Host: None

Bijuu powers:


Element:Storm Manipulation
Personality: Seius is a very special Bijuu build with multi personality disorder he is constantly fighting with himself for control, normally destroying everything he is pretty shy unless cranky trying to maintain his control over his mind.In a host the Bijuu doesn't talk much however he will tell you off if the need would arise.
Host: None

Bijuu powers:


Element: Wood
Personality: Walpurgis is a generally calm bijuu, insightful and knowledgeable however very destructive he is know as "Splinter Storm" due to his use of wood.While inside the host he is very obedient however will constantly question tactical movements as he can be a smart as at times.
Host: None

Bijuu powers:


The Ability of this Bijuu is the Jins instant regeneration from pieces of skin to just a cut off arm.

For 1v Cloak and 2V Cloak the Jin may only regenerate 3 times.

For mastery the Jin may regenerate 6 times a thread.
Personality Eclipse is a generally greedy Hydra, he claims almost everything and never lets his things go without a fight.Inside the host, Eclipse will claim him and attempt to control him thrashing around a lot inside so the host in normally sick to his stomach with the Bijuu.
Host: None

Bijuu powers:


Element: Light
Personality: Isis is a generally glamours Bijuu he normally spends time watching his reflection and making snide comments at villagers for being ugly.When inside a host, Isis is a very angry peacock unless his host is complemented on his looks every day by anyone.

Bijuu powers:


Element: Darkness Manipulation
Personality: Abyss is a very dark Bijuu only wanting complete and utter destruction to befall everyone, although on of the strongest Bijuu he is very self conscious about his own power.While inside the host he throws mild hissy fits and attempts to leave, does not enjoy any sort of complements what so ever.

Bijuu powers:


Cloaks V1-V2:
+10 to all stats passively without releasing the seal

Bad intentions are known to you (Must be at least 5 meters close to you)

Mastery of Bijuu:
+20 to all stats passively without releasing the seal

Jutsu training is lessened to a 2000 word count if any higher than 2000 words

Bad Intentions are known to you (Must be at least 5 meters close to you)

And he heals small cuts in 2 posts, and large cuts in 5 posts.

Personality: Kakobu is over excited at all times constantly fighting with the seal and trying to take over, he is a very rude and stubborn Bijuu who won't listen to you much until Mastery.

Bijuu powers:
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Bijuu Rules
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