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 Puppet Rules/Creation Template

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PostSubject: Puppet Rules/Creation Template   Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:25 am

So you want puppets well listen carefully

To obtain your puppet it is like training a jutsu, for certain levels of puppets there are certain amounts of words you need to have to create said puppet, but before you do that let me explain the rules and regulations a little bit.

One's Puppet will always move at the speed of the users Chakra Potency the puppets strength is the average of the users chakra and strength stat, each Puppets level has it's own perks and designs.

Puppet Perks:
Every puppet have a certain number of perks.Every puppets starts at 100 Duration and 100 Sharpness/strength, to strengthen these stats the user must
1) Do 100+ words to put 50 on the stat they want from the puppet
2)The puppet has a PERK That allows these stats to change.

However, the Perks come at a 500+ words count to add to the puppet plus the puppets original word count.For the puppet to be equipped with multiple weapons is a perk. as well as steel plating.

Puppet Word Count

E Rank Puppet
500 Words
- May only have 1 Perk
D Rank Puppets
750 Words
- May only have 3 Perks
C Rank Puppets
1000 Words
- May only have 5 Perks
B Rank Puppets
1250 Words
- May only have 7 Perks
A Rank Puppets
1500 Words
- May only have 9 Perks
S Rank Puppets
1750 Words
- May have 10 Perks

Ranks To Use Puppets!

Academy/E Rank Ninja - 1 E rank puppet

Genin/D Rank Ninja - Unlimited E Rank Puppets and 1 of every puppet but S

Chunin/C Rank Ninja - Unlimited E/D Rank puppets and 1 of every puppet rank

Special Jounin/B Rank Missing Ninja - Unlimited E/D/C ranked Puppets and two of every other puppet

Joinin/A Rank missing Ninja - Unlimited E/D/C/B ranked Puppets and two of every other Puppet

Anbu/S Rank Missing Ninja - Unlimited E/D/C/B/A Ranked Puppets and 3 S Ranked puppets

Kage/SS Ranked Missing Ninja - Unlimted Puppets








[b][color=Cyan]Required Word Count?:[/color][/b]
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Puppet Rules/Creation Template
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